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All About Us

Founded through a passion for canine development, we offer private lessons that focus on pet communication, obedience, socialization and science-based behavioral therapy. Our trainers guarantee to work with you and your pet in a friendly, positive and professional manner.  We do not use aversive training methods and focus on training through the use of positive reinforcement rather than harsh correction. This way, we can provide the most enjoyable session for both you and your pet.

At Freeland K9, our aim is to provide real solutions to the most common challenges that pet owners face. Through expert behavioral coaching and applying kind, approachable, and humane principles, we are here to help you alleviate all of that unwanted owner stress, and show you that you do have the perfect dog.

Dog Walker at the Park

Our Team

Leave It to the Experts

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Dan Freeland

Owner and Founder

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree in Zoology (BSc (Hons))  and a Master of  Research degree in Bioscience (MRes) from Aberystwyth University, in which he specialised in the subject of evolutionary behaviour.  He also holds Continual Professional Development (CPD) diplomas in Dog Traing, Puppy Training, Canine First-aid, Canine Nutrion and Canine Behaviour and Training.


"Noki" for Short

Noki is the first dog on the Freeland K9 team.  He's a pedigree Siberian Husky and takes the stereotype of Huskies being stubborn to a whole new level.  He loves meeting new dogs and the way to his heart is through his stomach.

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